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Do you use Adsense on your blog?  Perhaps you haven’t been approved, or have had your account disabled at some point for mystery reasons.    Or maybe you are just looking for an alternative that will show adverts that are more targeted to your readers interests.

When my Adsense account was disabled, I looked at a lot of options for Adsense alternatives and Rivit Media was one that made my short list.

Rivit Media advertising for bloggers

They are a simplified (and better?) system of advertising which specialises in the DIY and Crafters niche of blogs and targets its advert delivery accordingly so that the advert content is more relevant to your readers interests.  Advertisers pay well for this special targeting of their advertisements to an audience who are more likely to be interested in their products..

The adverts are available in the 3 most popular sizes and they ask that you have one advert on your site ‘above the fold’ so that it displays to the visitor without having to scroll down.  They allow a maximum of 3 adverts on your site so things don’t look to cluttered.

And the payment is easy to understand - you are paid on a simple CPM basis – you get a fee per 1000 advert views.  The rate of this fee varies according to the campaigns being run at the time and on my site I have seen it vary from 27c per 1000 to 98c per 1000 advert views.  That is a rate that is comparing very favorably to an Adsense CPM rate, without the risks of dealing with Google.

And what’s the best thing about Rivit – the customer service.  You get your own account manager who helps you in setting up your adverts, and is there to answer your questions and optimise your ads to get you the best rate of return.  Once the ad boxes are set up, you just leave them to do their thing and watch your balance increase.  Reporting is simple – you are shown your advert views, rate per mille and the daily earnings.  Simple.

However, as is true with most forms of advertising – it’s a numbers game.  So your visitors and page views are important.  If you only get a few page views per day, then you won’t earn too much from RPM display advertising.

Do what you can to increase your traffic and page views.  Try some of these posts for suggestions:

So if you have a blog that falls within the niche of DIY, crafting, recipes, home decor and similar – do apply to Rivit if you fancy trying an alternative to Adsense.

Disclosure – there are no affiliate links in this post and I don’t earn anything from you signing up with Rivit – I use them myself, and genuinely think they are great and that you will too.
Authored by: Deby at Moms Make Money

15 thoughts on “Rivit Media blog advertising – Adsense Alternative

  1. I’ve never heard of Rivit Media. I’ll have to look into it. I was denied by AdSense, so I need another option. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  2. Definitely looking into Rivit. Thanks!

  3. I have not heard of RivitMedia, but will check it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  4. Very Informative! I’ll definitely be checking them out. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the info. I just started blogging recently so I really appreciate the advice of the more experienced blogger. ;)

  6. I have had a bad experience with AdSense as well so I am on my way to check Rivit Media out! Thanks so much for sharing!!



    I am visiting from the Take-A-Look Tuesday Link Party and I am going to pin this post!!

  7. I started using Rivet a few months ago and have been really happy with it. I was also surprised to learn there wasn’t a quota amount you needed to reach before they paid you.

  8. I’ve been wanting to do some research on Rivit for awhile now. Thank you for the information and for sharing at Fluster’s Creative Muster Party!

    Fluster Buster

  9. rainonatinroof01 says:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing at Give Me The Goods Monday! Can’t wait to see what you bring next week! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this website. I look forward to checking it out. Have a great night.

  11. cookingwithcurls says:

    Thank you so much for the information! I have been hearing bad things about AdSense so I haven’t even tried it yet. This might be a better opportunity, Thank you:)

  12. Natasha Hoover (@Natasha5887) says:

    Wow – thanks for the info! I’ve been wondering if there was a pay per view adsense alternative. You answered my question!

  13. Trish @ Mom On Timeout says:

    Great information! I’ve used Rivit in the past and LOVED their customer service. Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  14. Can you use both Rivit and Adsense at the same time? I am so confused about what I can use with adsense and after 3 tries I am finally approved and don’t want to get blocked

    • Yes no problem to use both. I use several different ad agencies all at the same time, and on So Sew Easy I use both Rivit, Blogher, Adsense and Izea all on the front page. So long as you follow the terms for each, you are good.

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